If You Want to Boost Your Buffalo, MN Company's Collaboration and Communication, Use These Tips

Collaboration and communication are key to any successful business, yet they can often be overlooked in small businesses. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, decreased productivity, and a negative work environment, while lack of collaboration can stifle creativity and hinder the sharing of ideas. By making a few simple changes, small businesses can vastly improve both collaboration and communication within their workplace. Keep for some helpful tips from the Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau.

Avoid Micromanaging Your Staff

One of the quickest ways to kill morale in the workplace is by micromanaging your employees. Micromanagement breeds mistrust and often leads to employees feeling resentful or even less productive. If you want your employees to feel empowered and motivated, avoid micromanaging them as much as possible. Instead, give them the freedom to experiment and come up with their own solutions to problems. You might be surprised at how much more efficiently things run when you step back and let your employees take the lead.

Encourage Cross-Team Collaboration

In any given business, there will likely be multiple teams working on different projects at any given time. Glass Cubes shares that encouraging cross-team collaboration can help break down silos, promote new ideas, and boost efficiency. One way to encourage cross-team collaboration is to create opportunities for employees from different teams to meet each other and get to know one another on a personal level. Another way is to hold regular company-wide meetings where different teams can share updates on their progress and receive feedback from other departments.

Use Collaboration Tools

There are a variety of collaborative online tools available that can help small businesses improve communication and collaboration within their workplace. Some popular options include Google Docs, Slack, Trello, and Asana. These tools allow employees to easily share documents, communicate with one another in real-time, track progress on projects, and stay up-to-date on company news and announcements. By taking advantage of these tools, small businesses can encourage greater collaboration between employees and departments. 


If your employees will be collaborating interdepartmentally, you should also equip them with a free file conversion tool. Teams that rely on speciality software or who want to share infographics and reports will often use PDFs. While this file type is stable and accessible, not everyone is comfortable creating or editing them. Need to convert your Word doc to PDF? A free conversion tool is your answer. 

Create a Culture of Idea Sharing

Open communication is essential for any business that wants to promote collaboration among its employees. According to SnackNation, employees should feel comfortable sharing their ideas with one another without fear of criticism or rejection. One way to foster a culture of open communication is by holding regular company-wide meetings where employees are encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions. Another way is by establishing an “open door policy” where employees are welcome to talk to their managers about any concerns or suggestions they have.

Ask for Regular Feedback from Staff

Feedback from employees should be sought on a regular basis in order to identify areas where communications could be improved. Feedback can be gathered through informal conversations, surveys, or focus groups. By seeking feedback from staff on a regular basis, small businesses can get a better sense of what’s working well and what needs improvement when it comes to collaboration and communication within the workplace.

Revisit Your Marketing Plan

It's important to take a step back and reevaluate your marketing plan occasionally to ensure that your small business is operating as efficiently as possible. One way to improve collaboration and communication is to make sure everyone involved in the marketing process is on the same page. This can be done by creating a marketing plan that is clear and concise, and by regularly updating everyone on the progress of your campaigns. Additionally, it's important to be open to feedback and suggestions from your team members so that you can make the most of their skills and expertise.

Help Them Collaborate

Having a team that communicates clearly and works well together isn't just good for company morale, it's great for your business's bottom line. Give your team the tools they need to work together effectively, and be proactive about creating a culture of collaboration. Together, these practices will help your entire company to grow in great ways.


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