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Automated Investing Discount and Referral Bonus
Rinder Trade provides hands-off automated investing in the foreign exchange currency market with the goal of earning between 4% and 6% per month.  To put that into context, 5% growth compounded monthly over 5 years on a $50,000 initial investment results in over $880,000 in profit.  Verified results of our trading strategies are available on our website.
We provide a 2-month trial period for all new customers and are now offering a 10% discount on our annual membership fees to Chamber Members.
Rinder Trade grows through referrals and our standard referral bonus is $250 (paid after the 2-month trial period).  We are extending that referral bonus to Chamber Members even if you are not a Rinder Trade customer. If you are a Rinder Trade customer, we’ll double it to $500.
Contact Information
phone: (763) 276-7577
Offer Begins: May 15, 2019
Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce